Sale: HD Home Theater Domains - For TV's Global Evolution

For acquisition; International, generic hd home theater domains; with major country extensions. These domains are the key in building a global TV empire


    Premium Generic Domains, for Developing the Global Commerce of the HD Home Theater, Online TV, Digital Cinema, Online Casino, and all the Autonomous Mobility Industries

Premium Domains for Developing the Global Commerce of the HD Home Theater, TV Consumer Electronics,

Digital Cinema, Online TV, and Online Casino Industries

 I have the following portfolio of premium hd home theater, TV, digital cinema, and casino domains up for acquisition. Important domains for consolidating the global commerce of the home entertainment, consumer electronics, and online casino industries. Domains as follows; 

Domain Group #1 - HD home Theater, Digital Cinema, and TV Domains:  (China) (Asia) (Mobile) (Business) (United Kingdom) (United Kingdom) (United States) (France) (Germany) (Italy) (European Union) (Switzerland) – Important domain for the consolidation of the digital cinema industries. – The top rated generic domain for the new .theater extension; very important domain for the development of the home entertainment industries.

* QLED TV – Domains which have unlimited potential for consolidating the commerce of consumer electronics; within the television markets.                        "QLED 8K"                                   “QLED”                                   “QLED” (China)             “4K QLED”                      “4K QLED”                         “4K QLED”                           “4K QLED”                        “4K QLED”                            “4K”                           “4K”                              “”                                “4K”                       “4K Ultra”                      “4K Ultra”                   “4K Ultra”                          “4K Ultra”                            “4K Ultra”                        “4K”                          “4K”                          “4K”                            “4K”                             “4K”                  “OLED 4K”                  “OLED 4K”                    “OLED 4K”

Domain Group #2 – Digital Media domains:

The following are domains which could be used in creating strategic partnerships with Apple, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Cablevision, and Altice.

* Domains that may be used by Apple, and in a partnerships –


* Domains which may be used by 20th Century Fox, and in partnerships –

* Wbmovies domains – May be used by Warner Bros., and in partnerships – - To be used by Fry’s electronics, or in partnerships

 The toughest challenge facing all the hd home theater & television is fragmentation. The implementation of these domains will help solve this problem. Great products for any corporation or government entity, in gaining a foothold in Hollywood to Bollywood, from Silicon Valley to China. It is time to consolidate, and create global convergence channels. These domains will go a long way in reaching that goal.

Domain Group #3 - Casino, and Sport Betting domains:

The following premium sports betting, and casino domains are up for acquisition. Important domains for creating an international online betting, and/or streaming channels. "Casino, Traditional Media, and eSports".

Domain Group #4 - Pot products domains. - Important domain for consolidating the commercial ecosystem of pot products. (corporate, or government entities)

Global Coin - ($2,000 US)

* All 4 groups of domains: $2,750,000 US.

* Offering a $200,000 US referral commission.

* Willing to meet with any government, or corporate entity; at my place of business in Austin Texas USA. 

* Accepting offers on single domain acquisitions. Not a domain broker, hence; willing to negotiate on acquisition details.

Contact information:

Richard Roberts

Austin Texas USA 78745

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (1) 512-294-6054

I will observe all correspondence in strict confidentiality.


I also have the premium autonomous transportation domains up for sale. Important domains for developing the global infrastructure of all the autonomous mobility industries; "Land, Sea, Air, and Space". Details, visit;