Sale: HD Home Theater Domains - For TV's Global Evolution

For acquisition; International, generic hd home theater domains; with major country extensions. These domains are the key in building a global TV empire

          Premium Generic Domains: For the Global Convergence of the HD Home Theater, Hollywood, TV, Cinema, AV, SVOD, Casino, and Driverless Auto Industries

 Premium Generic Domains; For Shaping the Global Commerce of the

Home Entertainment, TV,  Digital Cinema, Autonomous Transportation, Casino,

Marijuana, and Online Grocery Industries:


 *  The following premium domains are up for acquisition: Domains which are the key for corporations and government agencies, in unlocking global revenue, and building strategic partnerships.

*  Domains divided into 5 groups;

Group #1 - Home Entertainment. HD Home Theater, and TV Domains:

Group #2a - Autonomous Mobility Domains: 

Group #2b - Autonomous Vehicle Domains:

Group #3 - Casino Domains:  

Group #4 - Marijuana Domains: 

Group #5 - Groceries Domains: 

Domain Group #1

Premium generic domains, for the global commerce of the hd home theater, AV, and home entertainment industries.   (Commerce) (Network) (Information) (Organization) (Video Streaming)   (Television) (international)   (China)   (Taiwan) (Japan) (Asia) (Mobile)   (Business) (United Arab Emirates) (United Kingdom) (United Kingdom) (United States) (France) (Switzerland (Germany) (Belgium) (Italy) (Sweden) (European Union) (Mexico) (Soviet Union) (Russian Federation) - Important domain for the consolidation of the digital cinema industries. - The top rated generic domain for the new .theater extension, Very important domain for the development of the home entertainment industries. Could be used in the online distribution, and consolidation of the movie industries, bypassing brick-and mortar cinemas; the future of home entertainment, CE, AV, home theater, cinema, TV, and Hollywood industries.

Premium generic TV domains; for global commerce, and partnership development. -                                    "QLED"                                   "QLED" (China)               "4K QLED"                          "4K QLED"                           "4K QLED"                             "4K QLED"                            "4K QLED"                               "4K"                              "4K"                                 ""                                4K                           4K Ultra                          4K Ultra                       4K Ultra                               4K Ultra                                4K Ultra                              4K                                4K                                4K                                 4K                                  4K


 For global sales of OLED 4K TV's               OLED 4K               OLED 4K                 OLED 4K 

Very important domain for the live streaming of NFL games: The next big step for NFL corporate, NFL teams, TV Networks, Sport Stadiums, and SVOD industries. 

The following domains may be used in creating strategic partnerships with Apple, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., HBO, and Cablevision, and Altice.

Domains that may be used by Apple, and in a partnerships.

* Domains which may be used by 20th Century Fox, and in partnerships.

* Domains which may be used by Warner Bros., and in partnerships.

* Domains of Cablevision, and Frys Electronics interest. - May be used by Cablevision / Altice, and in a partnerships. -  To be used by Frys electronics, or in a partnership 

     The toughest challenge facing all the SVOD, television, AV, consumer electronics, and movie industries is fragmentation. The implementation of these domains will help solve this problem: Great products for any corporation, or government entity in gaining a foothold in Hollywood to Bollywood, from Silicon Valley to China.  It is time to consolidate, and create global convergence channels. These domains will go a long way in reaching that goal. 

Domain Group #2a

Premium generic domains, for the global commerce of the autonomous spacecraft, autonomous transportation industries.

 Self-Driving Auto & Driverless Auto -

* Autonomous Transportation - 

* Autonomous Drones -

* Self Driving Shuttle

* Self Driving Trucks USA -

* Self Driving Motorhome & Autonomous Motorhome -

* Autonomous Bus & Autonomous Buses -

* Level 4 Driving & Level 5 Driving -

* Autonomous Plane

* Flying Auto & Taxis -


* Self Flying Car -


* Autonomous Spacecraft & Autonomous Spaceship -

* Autonomous Weapon Systems - 

Robo Taxi -


Robo Car -

Autonomous SUV -

* Autonomous Taxi Service -


Self Driving Van - Driverless Van - Driverless Mini Van - 

* Autonomous Race Cars & Autonomous Race Car -

(Unlimited potential in developing partnerships with auto manufactures & Formula E Racing "RoboRace").


* Self Driving Race Cars -


* Self Driving Race Car -


* Self Driving Race Vehicles -


* Driverless Race Cars -

* Self Driving Grocery Store -

* Level 5 Racing -

* Autonomous Underwater Vehicles & Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


* Autonomous Babysitter

* Hyper Transportation -

Domain Group #2b -

* Premium driverless & selfdriving auto domains: For creating strategic partnerships with Nissan, BMW, Uber, Audi, Google, NIO, Apple, and Tesla: The major players developing the autonomous auto markets.












Google -


Audi -


Volvo -

Faraday -






* Group #3 - Premium Casino Domains


 * Domains for the online commerce of the casino industries, and  for casinos entering the upcoming casino markets in Japan.


These domains may be used by Caesars Entertainment, Caesars Growth Partners, and in partnerships.


* Casino domains; for entering the upcoming Japanese market: Extremely important domains to have in casinos portfolios, for winning the operating rights in Japan.

 Very important domains for casino entities in creating wagering channels for NFL games. Also may be used in generating partnerships with NFL corporate, and NFL teams, in steaming live NFL games: The next big step for casinos, TV networks, NFL corporate, NFL Teams, and of the SVOD industries. (Previously listed in domain group #1)


Group #4 - Marijuana domains; for creating a commerce, and/or regulation channel for pot products




 Group #5 - Domains for the online transition of the grocery shopping

Acquisition Prices:  

Group #1 - HD Home Theater & Digital Entertainment Domains: $1,950,000 US

Group #2a - Autonomous Mobility Domains:                                     $2.900,000

Group #2b - Autonomous Vehicle domains:                                      Contact me directly for details

Group #3 - Casino Domains:                                                                   $1,750,000

Group #4 - Marijuana Domains:                                                              $150,000

Group #5 - Groceries Domains:                                                              $350,000


* I am not a broker, confident we can come to an acquisition arrangement.

* Willing to consider offers on single domain acquisitions.

Contact Information

         Richard Roberts

         Austin Texas USA

         Phone: (1) 512-294-6054

         Email: [email protected]


 P.S. Other domains of interest

Free with acquisition of domain group 1, 2, or 3. Willing to consider offers on any of the following domains.

 Domains for creating partnerships with automotive manufactures & online auto sales channels

   The following premium auto domains are very important for driving new revenue streams to the automotive sales channels: Unlimited potential in creating sales, marketing, and partnership channels. Maybe used by such companies, and in partnerships..


CarMax -

AutoNation -

Carvana -

Carfax -

Make My Deal - 


Volkswagen -

 Mercedes Benz 


Alfa Romeo -

* Bugatti -   Thank of the possibilities for Bugatti sales


* And the very last domain I have up for sale;



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